2020: You are Living Thru History

When students open history books in 100 years, wide-eyed students will undoubtedly study the year of 2020. They will see pictures of:

  • Covid-19 and American citizens wearing masks
  • Businesses shut down and schools closed
  • professional, college and high school sporting events cancelled
  • George Floyd, protests and cities burning
  • dyer race relations, black lives matter, and political unrest
  • Political races involving Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden


Just like you currently view pictures of the civil war in 1862, the stock market crash of 1931, World War II in 1944, the Kennedy assassination in 1963 or the .com bust in 1999, those students will look at the events of 2020 with amazement. They will try to wrap their brains around these events and ask, “How did this all happen?”

And yet, here you are… students in the middle of all the fray. Many of you are “learning from home” while others are wearing masks in your “first day of school” pictures. Many of you are told that you can’t play sports while others are playing in front of empty stands. Oh, how the world has changed in 6 short months.

Your Turn: In 100 years, as a senior citizen you will be asked to visit schools and address students about this bizarre year. They students will ask you, “What was it like to live through the year 2020?”  What will you tell them?

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  1. I will tell the students about how hard it was not to see your friends everyday and how much the need to take advantage of it. I would explain how hard it is to make new friends and how I only went to school a few days out of the week. I will explain to them that there is so much that I wouldn’t have thought of that I needed to be grateful for that they should be grateful for too.

    1. I would tell them how it was hard getting used to and how hard stuff was like trying to get through life with a pandemic going on

  2. If I was asked to go in and tell how this year all started I think I would tell them that actually know really knows, but it all started with COVID that hit the United States and that’s what probably started this whole entire mess. Police brutality began with George Floyd who was killed by a police officer and that’s what began the riots and protests. That 2020 was probably one of the hardest years for people by being isolated and people dying it’s hard and something that everyone in the world of 2020 had to go through.

  3. I would explain that just as the flu once began so did COVID-19. By staying in our houses and wearing masks we had to adjust to a whole new way of life. I would explain the changes and some of the troubles there have been.

  4. I would tell them how once everyone figured out how bad COVID really was there were extreme safety measures that were hard to follow. We had to stay in our houses for months and if we did leave we had to wear masks. I would tell them how nobody knew what to do and what was going on as nobody had ever been through a situation like this before.

  5. It was a very odd time and many adjustments had to be made. But we got through it and some things were good to come. I grew closer with my family and figured out different ways to learn. It was very hard sometimes but it was hard for everyone

  6. I don’t see anyone asking me this, but if I was asked, I would say that it took a few days to get used to, but because I really didn’t have that much going on. I know that seems stupid, but that’s probably what I’d say.

  7. It was strange to have everything be normal one day and wake up the next day and be told school was closing. It was weird to not be able to share food, hug people or go to school. It was even stranger to have track season cut short after one meet but I was grateful I got to run in that meet because not everyone did. I felt blessed to have gotten a least a little bit of my freshman track season.

  8. I will tell the students I thought of it as God’s way of testing each and every one of us. We needed to come together as a whole world to overcome these deficits.

  9. I definitely think in the beginning it was hard and really just confusing but everyone’s starting to get used to it so.

  10. It was tough to live through 2020 but i think everyone learned something from that year. Many including myself began to have a renewed sense of gratitude for things we may have taken for granted before COVID hit.

  11. i would say that 2020 started off with Covid -19 that hit the united states then a lot of protest started due to the death of George Floyd that was killed by a police officer

  12. We all thought new year’s eve 2020 was gonna be the best yet but little did we know it was actually gonna make history. 2020 was a crazy year. Corona virus started and everyone was getting sick,numbers kept going up n up. Schools started shutting down then sports got canceled. No school for 6 months.Today was first day back and we have to wear masks the whole day. Even during practices now we have to wear masks

  13. We all thought it was going to be the best year. Little did we know it was the ultimate worst year of our lives. Being shut down for 4 months not being able to leave your house besides for food, no sports, no seeing friends, nothing. Now, as we slowly get better, we have to wear masks everywhere we go, practice outside for indoor sports, travel 4 and a half hours to play a team where we wouldn’t get into trouble, and now wearing masks in school.

  14. I would start by explaining how Covid 19 was an unexpected challenge for our world. It took a lot to surpass the virus but it took everyone’s effort and involvement to find a solution. Then I would go into talks about race and how the death of George Floyd sparked an outcry for racial equality. 2020 was a big, challenging year that shaped our world from there on.

  15. 2020 was one of the worst years ever. we came in thinking it was piled be one of the best. first we thought we were having an extended spring break due to the coronavirus, but that lead to the whole rest of school year forced to be online. then we went to a hybrid schedule the next year. we had to were masks 24/7 as long as we were in public.

  16. I would tell them that living through 2020 was one of the most life changing events in my life for the good and bad and this year taught me so much that is needed to be known!

  17. we all thought class of 2019 had it bad at the end of the year but now look at class of 2020 all sports are limited to 2 parents each so we get no spectators which is sad

  18. I would tell them that it ended up being a really challenging time, but also a rewarding one. We couldn’t go out and see the people we were used to seeing, but it gave a lot more time for self reflection and time away from the craziness of everyday life.

  19. I would say this year has been the year of clarity everyone needed even if it wasn’t the year they wanted. Obviously, the tragic deaths of loved ones and role models is an exception to my statement about necessity but otherwise this year has shown people what is really important when you take away all the superficial things and outside distractions.

  20. I will tell them that we had to stay in our house with fear of going out of the house. And every time we did go out we had to wear masks. We always had to stay 6 feet apart.

  21. I would tell them that it was overwhelming at times, but it was overall an experience that built character and mental strength.

  22. 2020 has been a pretty tough time mentally and physically it has been hard to manage everything going on in this weird difficult time to live in i would probably tell them that it was difficult but now everything is seeming more normal

  23. 2020 has been a pretty tough time mentally and physically it has been hard to manage everything going on in this weird difficult time to live in I would probably tell them that it was difficult, but now everything is seeming more normal.

  24. I would say that it has absolutely unimaginable. 2020 has been very challenging and difficult for everyone but I feel like I have learned so much and have gained so much knowledge of things that I have never thought experienced before. Like who knew we would be living in a time when a global pandemic was occurring because I know I sure didn’t.

  25. I would say that 2020 has been truly unimaginable. It has been very challenging and difficult adjusting to a global pandemic because it is something that I never thought would happen. But I have learned a lot about myself over these few months and it has made me realize how lucky I am and I feel like I have grown as a person.

  26. The beginning of the year started off rough with schools going to elearning the in the summer wearing mask everywhere you go and not being able to travel any where then to going back to school but hybrid so you can’t see all your friends but if you go to school you are wearing mask all the time and have to stay six feet away from everyone

  27. If I were to come to schools as a senior citizen and tell students about what it was like to live through 2020 heres what i think I would say. I would say at first it was disappointing to not be able to go to school and see my friends as well as scary for all of the cases and fear of getting sick. But as we as a society started learning more about the virus and progressing toward going back to normal things began getting better

  28. 2020 was a difficult time that made a huge impact on the whole world. It’s raised the unemployment rate, it made the economy crash, and it raised homelessness rates as well.

  29. If asked about 2020 my answer would be simple. Life is designed to end. It is made to be unfair and brutal in every aspect, and the only things that change throughout time are the circumstances. 2020 sucked. It killed and tested and pillaged, but the only thing I can think looking back on it, is that while life is designed to end, humanity is designed to live. And that is what we did. We fought and rebuilt, and who knew what 2021 would look like, but humanity will continue to live despite everything life throws at us. 2020 taught me that, and I am sure it is a lesson everyone will have to learn.

  30. 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. With George Floyd’s death, wild fires, global pandemic, and missed opportunities and events because of these things.

  31. I will tell them that it was a hard year. We had to lessen our social interactions, not be able to see their full faces, but also be distant from one another. But all in all, it taught us not to take the small things for granted.

  32. I would tell them that it was a really harsh year for everyone. We had to limit our social interactions and at the same time talk about intense social issues. And a lot of people were hurt/killed from protests/police brutality and died because of the virus. But at the same time it was a real learning year for a lot of people. A lot of young people got the opportunity to speak out against injustices and it really tested everyone.

  33. Looking back on 2020 so far I would say that it is the craziest year till this point in my life. With the fires, racial injustice, celebrity passings, and world wide pandemic it is safe to say that this has been a really bad year

  34. Looking back on 2020 so far I would say that it is the craziest year till this point in my life. With the fires, racial injustice, celebrity passings, and world wide pandemic it is safe to say that this has been a really bad couple of months so far

  35. I would tell them about how hard it was to adjust to the new pandemic life and how hard it was to not be able to see friends and family that you love and to be able to do the things that you love.

  36. I would tell them it was rough year for everyone a lot of well known people died. A huge virus spread across the country that killed many citizens. A Black Lives Matter movement happen and was the best thing that’s happen and some people didn’t quite agree with it but we were trying to get people to like it.

  37. I would tell them the unsettled state of our world in the year. Political, racial, medical unease. I would tell them everything we managed to overcome during this year and how we grew from it.

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