Super Bowl or Stripper Bowl Halftime Show? Hmmmm…

Let’s face it, the reason that the Super Bowl is typically the most viewed broadcast each year has more to do with the halftime show and the commercials than the football. In my lifetime experience of attending Super Bowl parties, most people talk during the game (which always annoys me). However, during the halftime show, everyone silently gathers around the T.V. to watch this year’s entertainment.ย  Everyone knows this performance will be the subject of conversation the following day. This year was no exception. The 2020 halftime show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

So, there I sat watching this performance with my 4 girls ranging from 10 to 14 years of age. There are other children watching at our house, the youngest girl was 8. All eyes glued to the TV. Do I think it was entertaining? Yes. Hot? Yes. Uncomfortable. Yes? I kept thinking, what are my daughters thinking right now? What is the message they are getting from watching these two superstar females dress so proactively? How do I explain why the male singers dress in baggy sweats and the females dress in glorified bathing suits? My fear is that my daughters received a clear message that if a woman wants to be an entertainer, she better be willing to showcase her body and move in suggestive ways.

Pro: Hey, this is entertainment. It’s entertainment for the eyes and the ears. It’s the biggest stage in the world. You better bring it. The NFL wanted to showcase the Latino vibe and this is part of the Latino vibe. If you don’t like it, you know how to change the channel. If you don’t want your kids watching then send them out of the room. And besides, this is empowering to women. If women want to show off their bodies, they should be able to without judgment. And, if any man judges her for it, he is just “slut shaming” her.

Con: Hey, this is prime time television. Don’t all Super Bowl performers sign contracts stating the show and costumes must comply with the NFLโ€™s standards? What exactly are those standards? Does pole dancing and crotch grabbing in a leotard comply with these standards? We can all disagree about standards, but the “me too” movement is supposed to teach females that they shouldn’t be objectified. Isn’t society supposed to be judging women for their talents and skills, not for their sex appeal? If so, this halftime show didn’t help the cause. You can’t have it both ways.

Your Turn: Which argument do you agree with more? Was this appropriate entertainment for the viewing audience of the Super Bowl? Explain.

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  1. I agree more with the pro side of the argument. It is as easy as changing the channel for the viewer if they are offended by the show.

    1. I believe that this halftime performance was excellent and if viewers did not approve or had children, they could have turned it off. The performers were always representing a culture, which may be very important to not only them, but many others tuning in.

    2. I also agree viewers are in control when they watch the show. As for whether it was appropriate without rules to draw the line it was. In a way it was important not just in the sense of empowerment, but to test the line.

      1. they did a great job but it was too inappropriate

  2. I agree with pro. Itโ€™s basically one of the most watched game and the stars or halftime shows have to bring it there all.

  3. i think itโ€™s a pro, because they are two very beautiful women who are confident in their bodies, so if they are confident then they shouldnโ€™t be body shammed about it.

  4. I think that everyone has different views on empowerment for these women this was the best way to show that but I donโ€™t think it had to be done like this.

  5. I agree with the pro side because you could just switch to another channel while the half time is going on. And if thatโ€™s how they chose to perform we canโ€™t change that.

  6. I agree with pro . If you know who the halftime show performance is and who is doing it you kind of already have an idea of what it will look like . Also these women are entertainers and it is their choice but they shouldnโ€™t get mad if they are getting slut shamed when they know that families were going to be watching.

  7. I am for the half time show, to me people are way too easily offended. Itโ€™s a musical performance, this isnโ€™t the first time singers or dancers have danced and shaked with little amount of clothing. The dancing is part of their music and the whole showcase.

  8. I think if you donโ€™t want your kids watching it then change the channel, I thought the super bowl halftime show was the best it has been in a long time.

  9. I agree with the pro side. If it was such a problem I feel like changing the channel for just that performance wouldโ€™ve been a very easy solution.

  10. I agree with the Pro , the halftime show is just for entertainment nobody is more so worried about the look and how they perform more so about entertaining their audience and making their money. Of course the people performing know that kids are watching and wouldnโ€™t do or say anything to throw the wrong ideas at children.

  11. I agree with the pro. change the channel sweat heart. it was a perform, not to persuade. And also it just depends on that child mind work. Just because I see criminal minds, donโ€™t mean I wanna become a master mind criminal. PERIOD

  12. I agree with the pro, if you dont want your kids watching it just change the channel or send them to another room. Everyone knew who was going to preform at the halftime show, so they should’ve know it would have been a little inappropriate

  13. Everyone knew who was going to preform at the halftime show, so they should’ve known it would have been a little inappropriate so i agree with the pro

  14. I would have to agree with the con side of this argument because not only was it just too much, but there are multiple ways to provide quality entertainment for the total public. I will give them that most people who watch most football games tend to be men or boys in general but the Sรบper Bowl tends to be a family event where most people in the united states and the world like to watch. Could have done something different but itโ€™s over with now so why bother talking about it.

  15. I agree with the pro side, the performers should be able to perform the way theyโ€™d like (obviously with some exceptions). But, if anyone is uncomfortable with the performance, they can simply change the channel.

  16. I agree with the pro side of this argument because many people found this performance polarizing as it represents the Latin culture and if people donโ€™t want to watch then they can change the channel

  17. I agree with pro and cons I feel women should be able to show off and not be slut shamed for it but I do agree and the halftime show should not be a sex show with stripper poles sexy outfits and stuff like that some people just don’t want to see that and yes they could change the channel or turn off the TV but they shouldn’t have to turn off the TV or switch the channel because they dicided to have a strip show Instead of a family friendly show for everyone to watch. I mean what happened?

  18. I agree with pro, I think this is a great way to show people how others think of entertainment. Itโ€™s how they show what their made of and show how they are confident. Clearly the head of the showcase and many other people thought it would be a great idea.

  19. I agree with pro, i think itโ€™s a great way to introduce the world to a different way of entertainment. Clearly many people found it very entertaining and inspirational. They showed how confident they were and how they got down.

  20. I agree more with the pro side because people could couldโ€™ve just changed the channel and if you already knew who it was gonna be you should kind of know what to expect

  21. I agree with pro. They are confident in themselves. They just want to show everyone what they have. People can change the channel if itโ€™s a problem.

  22. i personally thought the halftime show was phenomenal and it was the best itโ€™s been in a while. and if you didnโ€™t like it itโ€™s an easy channel change, then come back and continue to watch the game

  23. I agree with the pro because this is their chance to show what they got showing the world their true colors. Both of them had confident in themself. Sang to the fullest and even dance. Itโ€™s the best halftime show Iโ€™ve ever seen.

  24. I agree with the pro because they did nothing wrong all they did was perform the halftime show to their fullest. They did a pretty good job together and itโ€™s the best halftime show Iโ€™ve ever seen.

  25. I’m with the pro side because the halftime show is really just to get more food or refill on drinks if you’re at a party or just watching it.

  26. i think they did really well during the halftime show by working together and getting along and i think they are very confident in themselves

  27. I think that the halftime show was really good and the fact that they are 40 and 50 and look and dance that good, good for them and if a parent didn’t want their kid to watch it because they thought it was inappropriate they should have switched the channel for a little until it’s over.

  28. This year’s Super Bowl half time show was very unusual. In the past, there have been revealing outfits but sexual vibe of the whole show made watching it uncomfortable.

  29. I agree with pro. They are confident in themselves. They just want to show everyone what they have. People can change the channel if itโ€™s a problem.

  30. I agree with the pro side because they are making publicity, and their viewers go up, plus that’s what people find entertaining.

  31. I agree with the Pro , the halftime show is just for entertainment nobody is more so worried about the look and how they perform more so about entertaining their audience and making their money. Of course, the people performing know that kids are watching and wouldnโ€™t do or say anything to throw the wrong ideas at children.

  32. I agree with the pros even though what they were doing was a little scandalous it’s how their culture is and they were just trying to represent themselves as singers and where they are from.

  33. I agree with the Pro, the halftime show is just for entertainment nobody is more so worried. Being a viewer of the Super Bowl I am more on the pro side because itโ€™s just as easy to change the channel.

  34. I agree more with the pro because they did nothing wrong at all, the only thing they did was preform in the halftime show with passion and that’s all that matters

  35. I agree with 6he pro side because they’re old enough to show their bodies and you have to admit that this was a great halftime show .

  36. I agree with the pro side of this argument because the halftime show was amazing and all of these people are out here throwing hate and if you didn’t like it just change the channel. Both of the women are strong and independent enough to make their own decisions in life and if they feel like wearing those outfits and dance they should be allowed to without being judged.

  37. I agree with the pros. The complaints about it being inappropriate aren’t very good when you could of just looked away or turn off the TV. It is just what happened people enjoy it.

    1. I think its fine and i agree with the pros because the show is very energetic and to me there is nothing offensive but if it is offensive to other people, just switch the channel

  38. I think that the show does not have to be family friendly. You can just change the channel if you don’t think that its appropriate.

  39. I agree with the pro, because if you donโ€™t like the show, or if kids are watching, just watch a different channel until the halftime show is over

  40. I agree with the pro that the halftime show is entertaining. The game would get really boring if there was nothing fun to watch in the middle.

  41. i think this is the best halftime show out of all and all the people hatings should just stop watching and not hate on such amazing women

  42. I agree with the the con side because it was very inappropriate and it was on national TV! National Tv! Think about all the little kids watching that program! The super bowl was immature and uncalled for! Some people thought that it was good, but every year there is less and less clothing. So i think that the people that dress the super bowl performers should keep little kids in their mind when they are dressing them because when the little kids think about th epat super bowls they shouldn’t remember strippers!

  43. i agree with pro because if you don’t like the show or if there are younger kids watching you can just watch the different channel until the halftime show is over

  44. I agree with the pro and the con. It would be fair to just change the channel if it is too inappropriate, but many people want to watch the superbowl.

  45. I agree with Pro because they have the right to show off. You donโ€™t have to like it but it is just how they dance and sing

  46. I agree with pro because it is a way to show the Latino dance style and if parents don’t want their child to watch it then they can have the child leave the room. They did a great job for what they tried to show, It might have not been…appealing in a way but it is a way to show women empowerment.

  47. I do not think they should do this. Many kids around the world watch the super bowl, and the halftime shows have always been appropriate. This year, the super bowl halftime was not that way.

  48. I agree the most with the pro because i do believe it was not very inappropriate and that it did let the women be them and if men did shame them for their performance that is not right.

  49. I agree with the pros side that people can just change the channel but guy dont have the willpower or adacity to change the channel.

  50. I agree with the pro side because if you don’t like the halftime show you could go on another channel and wait a couple minutes until it is over.

  51. I agree because they should give a different kind of entertainment and the parents should know that it would be a little inaporpiate for kids.

  52. I agree with the pro because there could be little kids watching the super bowl because I mean who wouldn’t like to watch it but they don’t want to see two famous people stripping they want to see a good performance that is family-friendly

  53. I agree with the pro side because its not hard to turn of the tv orr change the channel. You can wait until the halftime show is over then go back to the super bowl game.

  54. i agree with the pro because it’s not appropriate for children i would just wait for the super bowl halftime show to be over.

  55. I agree there dancing like strippers but in my opinion i don’t really mind and i don’t think anybody is realy horrified by this action of dancing.

  56. I think that their performance was very good and they did very well at the super bowl. It could have been a little more appropriate though.

  57. I agree there dancing like strippers but in my opinion i don’t really mind and i don’t think anybody is realy horrified by this action of dancing. Best halftime show ever!

  58. In the Super Bowl I thought that Jlo and Shakira could have done better with the dancing but the sing is excellent. ๐Ÿ‘

  59. This article shows that this Superbowl was very uncomfortable for some people, and it is also inappropriate for kids, and that isn’t fair if the kids would want to be able to watch the Superbowl.

  60. I think the show was perfectly fine if anyone had a problem with the show they could easily just turn it off. Many people watch the super bowl and they have to do an entertaining performance.

  61. I think this show was very different than other halftime shows before. It showed that even Latinos can dance and have amazing voices. Miami was where the Super Bowl was, Miami is Miami and it means party! Women do so many amazing things, why can’t they party sometimes?

  62. I mean, you asked for the Latino vibe you got the Latino vibe. Plus, this is Miami and Miami means fiesta! (party)
    Plus for all the amazing things that women do, can’t anyone party once in a while. Girl power!

  63. Don’t like it? don’t watch it. Kids in the room? send them out. You can always change the channel. It also had a nice Latino vibe.

  64. I agree with the pro side because parents watching the super bowl with there children could have just turned the tv off and besides some people actually enjoyed the half time show for the music and the artists performing.

  65. I am PRO for the half time show, to me people are way too easily offended. Itโ€™s a musical performance, this isnโ€™t the first time singers or dancers have danced and shaked with little amount of clothing. The dancing is part of their music and the whole showcase, the point for this is for entertainment not for shaming them.

  66. I think that if you didn’t like the show you should just not watch it. I don’t think that should stop people from enjoying it because it’s not that big of a deal, it could have been toned down a little bit, but the past is in the past.

  67. i dont think its that big of a deal but i thought that they could’ve probably been more creative with their performance.

  68. I agree with the con side. There are a ton of kids watching this,and most of them are young, meaning that they may get the wrong ideas from the TV.

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  70. i agree with the pro side of the argument because It is as easy as changing the channel for the viewer if they are offended by the show.

  71. i don’t think that anyone should be stripping bc its the super bowl and all ages watch that. it is inappropriate and shouldn’t be on something that a lot of people watch.

  72. I think that if a woman wants to be an entertainer, she shouldn’t have to showcase her body. She should be able to have a show in baggy clothes and have just as many people watch it as a male performer in baggy sweats.

  73. This is not appropriate for children under the age of 12 because there are some things that they have not matured yet the singing is wonderful but i wish they would be a bit more appropriate.

  74. it was sort of inappropriate because there were kids watching and its not the best for them to see all of what they were doing

  75. No this was not appropriate because you have kids that are watching and they do not need to be seeing that and you need to be more mature and respectful of yourself.

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