Student Athlete Program

This program is available for the 2017-2018 school year. To take advantage of pilot year pricing, please contact us at or 231-938-4140.

We have been developing the Student Athlete Program for several years. This will be the perfect complement to the “classroom” curriculum (Character Development & Leadership), that is currently used in 2,000+ high schools across this country. The goal of the Student Athlete Program is to develop the character and leadership of high school student-athletes in an athletic environment. This is a program that high school athletic directors purchase for use by all students participating in athletics.

Program Highlights
  • We will have enough material to cover 3 athletic seasons a year for 4 years without redundancy.
  • Athletes will receive an online lesson via an interactive app on their devices (ipad, phone, computer) 7 days a week.
  • Coaches will follow up with athletes as they see fit, fully understanding that some will talk about this daily, some weekly and some just during training camp.
  • Coaches will also be provided with team building leadership exercises to strengthen team unity, drive and cohesion.
Program Content Delivered Each Week of the Season
  • Monday Life Lesson – Powerful pre-recorded life lessons delivered by nationally recognized coaches and athletes.
  • Tuesday Sports Blog – Dr. Hoedel will author a sports-based blog about current events related to character and leadership.
  • Wednesday Role Model – Students will read about a group of diversified sports-oriented role models that exemplify the traits covered in the program.
  • Thursday Dilemma – Students will respond to sports-oriented ethical dilemmas to teach decision-making skills and ethics.
  • Friday Pep Talk  – Passionate speeches from coaches via YouTube will be viewable to get athletes ready for the big game.
  • Saturday Movie Clip  –  Segments from character-based popular sports movies will be viewed and discussed.
  • Sunday Goals – Student-athletes will complete short assignments to improve their individual and team performance.


Student Athlete Program Character Traits


Season 1Season 2Season 3
CommitmentPositive AttitudeCoachability
Accountability TrustCaring
HumilityGood JudgmentComposure
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