Intentional Acts of Kindness

Joe’s Perspective: This video contains example after example of people acting with kindness. They didn’t have to do it. They chose to do it. The made someone’s day, they changed someone’s life, they made a difference. So can you. It might not be on video or reported somewhere, but you’ll know, which is all that counts. Be kind! ‘nough said.

Your Turn: No question here. We just ask you to intentionally go out of your way to be kind to others in multiple ways, every day.


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    1. i think it’s cool that people help other people even though they’re not getting anything from it and it makes me want to go and help more now if i can

    1. I think it is cool that people will help others out without gaining something from it. Just doing someone nice out of the kindness of you heart will show how much of an impact you can have on people.

  1. I think this is very cool and shines a light on the good in the world. Doing a small act of kindness towards someone can make yourself and that person very happy.

  2. I’m going to try and do this because I know it is easy for us to get so consumed with our lives that we do now take the time to help others.

  3. It’s important to do kind things for others because a lot of times we can get so focused on ourselves and helping others can put things in perspective.

  4. This really impacted me to do random acts of kindness more because it’s so important to have other people feel like they’re loved.

  5. I will help someone when they ask for it. Wether it be homework or maybe they had a stressful day I will try to be helpful. It is important to show kindness to others because it’s the right thing to do and if you don’t then your being selfish.

  6. I can go out of my way to be kind for others by talking to someone who is sitting alone or asking someone how there day is going.

  7. I will do my best to help people when they ask for it, like homework or even just some good advice. I can also ask how people’s day went and small stuff like that

  8. I will do my best to help people when they ask for it, like homework or even just some good advice. I can do this because I know how nice it feels when people do these small things for me.

  9. The simple thank you to your teachers, lunch ladies, janitors. I have been doing that a lot recently and it is so nice to see a smile on someone’s face to show that we appreciate them.

  10. I think helping people without being forced to is the only way to do it. It is so cool that people do that in their free time and I hope I can do that.

  11. I think that it is a good thing to go out of your way and think of others before yourself. You never know what other people are going through or dealing with in life, so it is nice to think of them and do something that can brighten their day.

  12. I think it is an amazing idea to be kind to someone, everyone is fighting a battle that nobody knows about and we can make the world a brighter place!

  13. A small helpful gesture can go a long way for a lot of people. It’s also good to go out of your way and think of others before yourself. Doing these acts of kindness will not only make the other person feel great but it will make you as well.

  14. I think it is really important to do something kind for someone each day because it inspires them to do something kind for another person, and it sets off a chain reaction and the kindness goes on and on. These seemingly small acts can sometimes change a person’s life, and will certainly always make their day.

  15. Doing something small for someone could be the highlight of their day and could do the same act of kindness to someone else that could go on and on to someone else.

  16. I think that kindness is hard in the competitive world. Sometimes the kindness that we have to forbode in order to be good competitors inhibits our human nature to be compassionate. I think that by treat our competition with respect. Our rivals with dignity, that we show the great fold of random kindness. And that’s something I try to do everyday.

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