Homeless Man Helps Stranded Football Player Get to Playoff Game

It was Saturday, January 12. Kansas City, Kansas. The temperature was 30 degrees and it was snowing hard. A man named Dave Cochran was driving down Interstate 40. He pulled his Suburban over to the side of the road to help someone stranded in the ditch. After successfully helping this family out of the ditch, Cochran saw another car in the same ditch. This time it was a man. The man was Kansas City Chiefs, Offensive Lineman, Jeff Allen. Allen was on his way to play in the AFC Divisional Playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts. Trouble was, Allen was getting there nowhere fast.

Cochran told his girlfriend, also in his Surburban, “We have to help him. After pushing him out, Jeff Allen thanked the good Samaritan and told him that he was a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen did make it to the game on time. His team won the game and will play in the AFC Championship Game next week against the New England Patriots.

After the victory, Allen wanted to thank the man who helped him get to the game. However, he didn’t even know his name. So, he tweeted on Twitter. Allen told the heartfelt story and asked the public to help him find the man who drove the black Suburban. Allen wanted to thank the man and give him tickets to the AFC Championship Game. J

Turns out the man, Dave Cochran, is a homeless man. Cochran currently lives in that black Suburban with his girlfriend. Through the power of social media, someone tracked down Cochran and gave him the news. His response was classic. “I saw the message this morning, and I am not going to fake with you, call me soft if you want to homeboys, I started bawlin’ to know he is a man of his word and he reached out to contact me.”

Joe’s Perspective: Of course, the moral of the story is to just do the right thing at the right time. Cochran didn’t help him because he was a football player or because he wanted free tickets. He helped a fellow man in a time of need. As Cochran said to the local news channel, “I didn’t know he was a Chiefs player. I looked at him as a normal person and hoped he would do the same for me like I did for him.”

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  1. After reading this, I feel good and I feel like these good deeds need to happen more in the world. I also feel like this man deserves a home after the good work he does. I hope he realizes how much he helps people and how it affects them.

  2. I think that this guy drove the football player to the game just to be kind. He didn’t even know that he was a football player. He just saw him as someone who needed help so he helped him.

  3. I think that people should strive to be like Dave because he just wanted to help someone. And did not want anything in return, because if he was is a similar situation he said that he would hope that someone would help him too. Not for a reward but to just help someone out.

  4. I think the homeless man did an amazing thing and that i’m
    glad we have people in this world like that. if there wasn’t people like dave a lot of people wouldn’t get help.

  5. My reaction from reading this story is that we should always be ready to help a stranger no matter what. This story is a good reminder for all of us to know that it is very important to help others.

  6. I think that the homeless man deserves something in return because what he did was really generous and he did not have to do it.

  7. i think he only helped him because hes a nice person and didn’t care who he was and what he did but yet henstill helped him

  8. I think the guy is really helpful and thoughtful. I’m sure many cars went pass without helping, he didn’t have to stop but he saw people in need of help and he did the right thing. I also think it’s pretty cool how he helped him and now gets to go to the game and hopefully meet more players.

  9. This article has a powerful message. We should all learn from a guy like Cochran. He knew helping the stranded man was the right thing to do, regardless of who he was. It is touching that Allen tried his best to return the favor by giving Cochran tickets. We need more selfless deeds in this world like those of this article.

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