Coronavirus Post #2: What is Our Civic Responsibility?

Undoubtedly, most of you have seen this photo of college students partying on spring break smack dab in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. This happened about the time that entire states issued “stay at home” mandates and shut down entire sectors of our economy. The main reason that students maintained their spring break plans was because coronavirus mainly affects older individuals with compromised immune systems. In other words, even if they got the virus, it would feel like the flu.

However, the problem is that these spring breakers come from all over the country. They run the risk of getting the virus, and with no side effects for 14 days, they return to their towns and pass on this virus to others. This contributes to an exponential spread of the virus. Some of those recipients would undoubtedly include some of the most vulnerable in our society. This behavior adds to the risk of infection and death. The following chart displays the importance of social distancing:

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Joe’s Perspective: I get it. I was once young once. I went on spring break 3 of my 4 years in college. I also understand the concept of immortality – the belief that nothing can hurt me. I am not even sure that coronavirus is as bad as some are forecasting. However, I understand that smarter people than myself have more knowledge and facts than I do. I respect their authority and their expertise. I am doing my small part to social distance and to stay at home. This is my role and it is your role too.

It doesn’t matter your risk to the virus or your age. At this point, we all have a responsibility to our fellow man and to our society. Our personal opinions cannot supersede this societal responsibility. After all, the government is just asking you to stay at home to defeat this virus. Previous generations went off to war. Previous generations watched loved ones die in their arms with no medical intervention. Previous generations had to ration resources.  And trust me, the Great Depression was much much worse and lasted much much longer. The following post on Facebook put things in perspective for me, and maybe it will for you:

Image may contain: possible text that says 'I was telling my husband how sad it was that students were having to go through this their senior year. He replied, "In 1964-70, many kids took their senior trip to Vietnam." "At least these kids are home." This does put things in a different perspective. Be sure & thank a vet!'

Your Turn: In this era of the coronavirus, what is your role and how serious are you taking your civic responsibility?

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  1. I believe it’s my duty to stay home as much as I possibly can to prevent the spread of the virus and to return to normalcy faster. Younger people may not get the virus as seriously as older and health compromised people do, but we can still be carriers of the virus and thats why everyone needs to stay home. In the beginning I wasn’t takin my civic responsibility as seriously as I should have been. Now, I understand the seriousness and toll it has been taking on lives and normal everyday life.

    1. My civic responsibility during this hard time is remain home and away from as many people as I can, including some of my elderly family members. I am taking this very seriously because I would like to enjoy the rest of my junior year at school and play one last season with my senior friends. Taking vacations right now is selfish and can endanger many more lives. Even though children are not often the ones to die, they spread and I try my best not to be a spreader.

  2. My civic responsibility during the Coronavirus is to self-isolation and not go out into a big gatherings with many people. I’m trying to limit how often I go out into public and social distancing when I am in public.

  3. I am taking my civic responsibility very seriously. If I see anyone recently it has been limited to one friend. I am trying to stay cautious for everyone around me, especially those with older relatives. I have stayed home for a majority of my time to keep everyone safe so hopefully this will be over sooner rather than later.

  4. I believe that it is my civic duty is to stay home and limit the amount of time I spend out in public places. I haven’t been anywhere recently that would put me at risk. I would say that I’m taking the quarantine pretty seriously.

  5. My role is to stay clean and make sure everything is clean around the house and staying home. No I have not been taking this very serious because I don’t think its serious people just over reacting and I been going places.

  6. I’m not taking it as serious as being over dramatic. I believe my role is to stay home and keep it safe and clean. I only go out if I need to. This outbreak is terrible in many ways, but risking your health is even worse. Stay home is the way to go.

  7. I think it’s my job to reduce exposure to increase my own and the public’s safety. I am taking coronavirus fairly serious and only contacting 5 people regularly.

  8. My role especially as a young person and a greater chance of being a carrier of this virus is to do what is told and try my best to isolate myself and not go out as much as is taken very seriously

  9. I’m taking this very seriously in everything I do my family is practicing social distancing and I think that’s from the better.

  10. It is just always better to stay home to prevent the spread of corona so improvement can come quicker, and we should be grateful for what we have.

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