Coronavirus #3: The Real Heroes & Role Models

The coronavirus epidemic has taught us a few important lessons. One of those lessons is really a reminder of what we already know to be true.  The real heroes are not athletes and entertainers. Simply being in a high profile position or viewed regularly on television does not make someone a positive role model. The past few weeks has demonstrated that the true heroes and role models are people serving on the front lines each and every day. They are the police officers, fire fighters and first responders. In this particular moment in time, the true heroes are the physicians and nurses who  risk their own lives to treat patients with this infectious disease. They are putting themselves and their families in harm’s way. Twelve hour days are considered an easy shift for these professionals in various hot spots.

This particular video drove this lesson home for me. I hope you take a few moments to appreciate those heroes on the front lines:

Your Turn: What message to do you have for the doctors and nurses who are working so hard during this coronavirus pandemic?


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  1. The main message to health care workers is thank you. Thank you for risking you and your families health every single day just to help others. Thank you for working those long shifts to make sure everything gets done. Thank you for maintaining a positive attitude and outlook during this process.

  2. I would like to thank them for being brave and caring so much for others. It is very difficult to be in a job like that, especially seeing other people in difficult and life threatening situations. So I am very thankful that we have medical experts out there that do everything they can to help us.

  3. I would like to tell them that they are very brave and I, along with the whole country are very thankful that they risk their lives each day to better the lives of other people. It must be so hard for them to leave their families and the safety of their own homes to go and do their jobs. I hope that they all can stay safe and that they are given the right gear/protection to be able to keep themselves as safe as possible.

  4. Just keep working and pushing because your doing amazing things and more help is on the way take a little break if you have to but keep pushing.

  5. I am extremely grateful for what people in the healthcare system do. Without them, the world wouldn’t be where it is today.

  6. I would like to say thank you sooo much for all you do and have done because you don’t have to do what you do but because you do it I am most grateful

  7. I just want to say thank you for all the heros and everyone helping fight this virus. not all hero’s wear capes

  8. I would thank them and praise them for all the thing they do everyday to help us. In this time the helpers will be the lights of the world.

  9. I would like to tell them thank you for being so brave though out this whole pandemic.i know many can’t even see their family when they get home to keep them protected. It’s heartbreaking to see the situations they have to go through, but I’m very thankful that they are fighting for us.

  10. I would say thank you for all you have done, not only for corona but everything you’ve done in general and haven’t previously been recognized. Also thank you for sacrificing not only your life but your family’s lives and those around you.

  11. I would like to thank them for working so hard to treat these patients and for all the great thing they are doing

  12. I really am glad to see others putting their minds lives health sleep and many other things at risk for others. I don’t know how I can but I’m sure ill find a way to thanks them.

  13. my message to them is thank you for going out of your way to try and help to bring COVID-19 to a stop I know it has impacted many families because my mom is a nurse and I now how tired they are and they don’t see their families as much as they did before the out break so they are super brave for fighting this virus and I thank them for that

  14. I would like to thank each and every one of the doctors and nurses for working through this hard time. They are being pulled away from their families, and risking their own lives in order to try and save others. I look up to doctors and nurse, but especially now more than ever. They’re the true hero’s during this pandemic, and I wish for all of them to stay healthy and safe!

  15. If I had to say anything to the doctors and nurses working now I would say “Thank you for everything you do to help the world survive this terrible pandemic.”

  16. Thank you for putting your life at risk to help others and putting others before your self, I appreciate you so much for that

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