Community Buys Volleyball Referee a New Car

Lemuel Buster, is a 76-year-old volleyball referee in Paulding County, Georgia. Earlier this year, his car broke down and he missed a game. He then had to rent a car to make it to the next game. When the athletes and their parents heard about Mr. Buster’s troubles, they banded together to help. When he arrived for the next game, he had a surprise waiting for him. Members of this community provided him with $2,000 in gift cards and a convertible car.

“We wanted to make sure he was taken care of,” said one of the family members. “He was just blown away. He cried, we all cried.” Of the experience, Mr. Buster said, “The whole experience is a blessing, and I am very thankful and humble.”

Joe’s Perspective: There is a saying that, “charity starts at home.” We can all donate money to send to a foreign country to help unknown strangers. However, it’s also important to help people in your own community who could use a helping hand. Mr. Buster is a treasured member of the community and he was helped by people who truly cared about him. The result is a community that felt better about itself and a cherished man who truly felt appreciated.

Your Turn: Do you think your sports teams would help someone in your own community in their time of need?

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  1. Our community has banded together in the times when we needed it the most. I can think of two instances when we did this, once when a parent was in a bad accident, and another time when a coach had cancer. We do whatever we can to help each other out

  2. Yes, I for sure think our community would come together to help someone out that needs it. We are a pretty small community but I feel like we can make a big difference when we need to.

  3. I believe that our team and community is very caring and supportive. We would most definitely band together for the greater good.

  4. I have no doubt that the generosity of the Brebeuf Community would be demonstrated for an individual in need. If we can come together for our teammates, than we can come together for someone else.

  5. Yes, our team if full of kind and hardworking people who know that every community always has room to help others, even if it is not in the form of material goods.

  6. I think our team would do anything to make someone or a community be better than it was before. We all are kind hearted and it would make us feel a lot better to make someone’s day.

  7. I think our team would do anything to make someone or a community be better than it was before. We all are kind hearted and it would make us feel a lot better to make someone’s day.

  8. I believe that my community would come together and help someone in need. Being a small tall, people tend to lean towards helping out.

  9. Yes I do believe that my sports community would help a person in need because my sports team care about others feelings and just by helping a person in need would make us feel like a greater team just by donating our time and kindness giving to those who deserve it

  10. Yes, as a community we would help someone. I think it would be very beneficial if we were better informed on the economic status of citizens in our county to help them as well.

  11. Yes I believe our team would help someone within our community that is in need of help. Doing this would also leave a good impression on our team that others will notice.

  12. For sure, our community has banded before in support of those in need and I have no doubt that we would do it again. We truly are a family.

  13. I would say that our community would come together for someone that needs help, that’s the power of a small town. We have recently rallied together to raise cancer awareness for a coach at the school.

  14. I believe our community would have banded together in this situation. Last year one of my teammates dad was in a bad accident and we handed together to help them out any way we could, so a similar instance were to happen I know we would respond the same way.

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