Specific Alignment of 10 Lesson Plans

Character Development and Leadership units are flexible, working with virtually any bell schedule or online class. The consistent format helps promote student mastery while allowing teachers to meet timeline demands and instruction needs.

The program provides a consistent format using 10 diverse lesson plans to teach each of the 18 modules. Regardless of how this program is implemented, these lesson plans are repeatedly taught in the context of a new character trait that is paired with a topic (i.e. responsibility is taught in the context of the topic of employability and workplace skills). Below we clearly identify how the 10 lesson plans specifically align with the ELA & ELD national common core standards.

Character Development & Leadership Curriculum

  1. Word & Quote of the Week
  2. Ethical Dilemmas
  3. Points of Emphasis Lectures
  4. Role Model Textbook
  5. Character Movies
  6. Basic Skills
  7. Current Events Blog
  8. Virtual Leadership Principles
  9. Community Role Models Forum
  10. Expository Writing