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The Curriculum

curriculumThis research-based curriculum is designed to improve the character and leadership traits among high school, middle school and alternative school students. Approximately 60% of the schools currently using this curriculum teach this as a stand-alone course, using it as an elective leadership class, character education or as a mandatory class for their freshmen academy. Others target specific populations in their school, such as at-risk populations, upperclassmen showing leadership potential or student government members. The other 40% of schools choose to integrate this curriculum into other core classes, such as social studies, business, career development, JROTC, health, English or P.E. Homeroom and advisory concepts are also a popular way to use this curriculum over three or four years.

Character & Leadership Curriculum for -

At each of these educational levels, this character education curriculum provides students with the necessary skills to be successful in all facets of their lives. Students and teachers alike come to rely on the consistent weekly lesson plans of ethical dilemmas, lectures, character movie segments, leadership principles, current events, core readings from The Role Models textbook, basic skills and expository writing assignments. Learn more about the Character Education Curriculum

The Role Models Textbook

textbookRole Models: Examples of Character and Leadership serves as the textbook for the curriculum. We believe kids need positive role models to look up to and emulate. Unfortunately, many kids today report they do not have role models. Other times, the role model is, at best, a curious choice. The Role Models textbook highlights 17 individuals who exemplify the different character traits covered in the curriculum. This book offers a mix of historical figures that have stood the test of time like Amelia Earhart, Booker T. Washington and Helen Keller, as well as contemporary figures who are worthy of our admiration, such as Pat Tillman, Christopher Reeve and Oprah Winfrey. Quizzes and vocabulary lists accompany each chapter. Learn more about textbook

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